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Maintenance on roofs

We do a lot of insurance renewal roof surveys as the insurance companies all now seem to want to have an up to date report from a competent roofer or roof surveyor, carried out before renewing the household insurance policy, especially when the property has a flat roof.

Roof maintenance after a roof survey in Hampstead

Generally speaking, most properties where I carry out roof inspections for insurance purposes, have no issues, and we can give them a good bill of health.

However, I will alway offer information on how to maintain the roof so as to get a longer lifespan from it.

Most of the time the only thing that needs to be done is to clean the roof regular, people tend to forget about the roof as they cant see it but blocked gutters and an accumulation of debris on a roof is probably the main thing that couses premature failure to a roof, lack of maintenance and lack of cleaning.


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