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London Flat Roofing is a trading name of JGL Projects Ltd.

  • When London Roof Surveys (LRS) carries out a survey in order to provide a roof report, roof condition report or report on any part of a customer’s property, we will report on any defects we may find, but these will, most likely, not be exhaustive. Other unlisted defects may not have been found and therefore not included in the report, as it will only be a snapshot of works that currently need doing. LRS cannot be held responsible for any defects that may not have been detected during the survey.

  • Further investigations may be required at further cost.

  • Please note that LRS requires you to have all specifications passed by a structural engineer and the DS before work commences and that we take no responsibility for specifications unless we have been asked and paid to design any aspect of the works. In these circumstances, the plans and requirements will be sent to our internal engineers to draw up designs, and there will be a charge for this service.

  • By accepting our estimate the Customer accepts our terms and conditions, and that all forms of media that may have been taken of the Customer’s property from first engagement to completion of the contract, remain the property of LRS and may be used in our promotional, educational or training literature. These may also be used as evidence of further changes to any contract previously established.

  • By accepting any work, quotes or contracts that have been proposed via email, the Customer accepts our terms and conditions. There is a link to our terms and conditions at the bottom of every email.

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