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roofing surveyor
More and more we are asked to carry out roof surveys by customers whose insurance companies require a Roofing surveyor to carry out a roof condition report, and won’t renew their home insurance without one.

Although this means that the insurers are covering themselves against the possibility of an insurance claim, it does also give the customer peace of mind to find out if there are existing leaks or expensive problems brewing with their roof. Let’s say your insurers have asked you to get a roof condition survey done. Fill out our booking form below and we will respond by email within 24 hours; generally we can schedule a survey within 48 hours.

Here’s a quick summary of what happens when we carry out a full roof condition survey. We assess the type and condition of the following roof aspects.

We attend the property and gain access to the roof via a ladder, window or door when available. We take photos and videos of the entire roof, paying attention to known vulnerable areas such as flashings and ventilation points. If it's a flat roof we will test the roof for soft areas.

On completion we will then send out a full written report on the condition of the roof and the roof’s expected lifespan. We will also advise on how to maintain the roof in good condition for the next few years.

If you would like to see a sample report please complete the form below.

Sample report request form

Dear potential customer, we won't use your email for any marketing purposes. Please complete the form below in as much detail as you are able to provide and I will send you an example report based on your roof type, together with possible action required. This will be a data blacked out version of an old report, so you can get a good feel for what you will getting from us. 

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