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Searching for a roof surveyor near me.

Lots of customers search for a roof surveyor near me in Google, and wonder why they can't find anyone close by.

The fact is that there are not a lot of roof surveyors around, it's a very specialist area. House surveyors that are fully trained and belong to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), tend to generalize and also tend not to have any practical experience working on buildings. There are no specific qualifications to become a roof surveyor because the subject is so small, hence why RICS surveyors tend to generalize. Personally, I have spent the last 40 years in the building trade, mostly building domestic extensions and loft conversions. I have probably built hundreds of roofs and followed detailed drawings and specifications along the way. These specifications can be drawn up by a professional person such as an architect or an engineer, but mostly they are drawn up by semi-professional people, such as a draftsperson or building designer. The fact is that all of them only do designs on paper, and have no practical experience, especially when it comes to doing detailed designs for pitched roofs and flat roofs.

This is where your professional roof surveyor comes in; it's not uncommon for me to be contacted by an architect, engineer or designer to ask me for detailed specifications, and the methodology of how to construct a roof. I can offer hands-on experience with design, and the use of materials. I often get called by homeowners who are having roofs on extensions or loft conversions, and the builders are struggling with the design of the roof and how to construct it correctly. For these customers who reach out, it must be nice to have an independent specialist roof surveyor at hand to offer design details. I don't always have to go to the site, so searching for "roof surveyor near me" is probably not necessary. With all the technology we have at hand today, I often remotely help people by surveying their roof, using video or photos. Over the next months I will be publishing some videos on YouTube, showing what I get up to as a roof surveyor; I'll show you some of the things I find, some of the problems customers encounter and some of the really good work I see (sometimes).


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