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House buyers roof inspection

Having us look at the roof when buying a

property can help you understand the property much more and potential costs

As of 2023 the big issue with roofs is with the

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Upgrading a roof to comfort with the new EPC requirements costs thousands.

and potential house purchase are surprised as to what they are taking on

We look at and advise on the following.

  • The condition of the roof as it is now.

  • The cost of repairs or replacement.

  • The cost of insulting for your energy performance certificate (EPC).

  • We advise on the structural stability of the roof

The roof can tell the history of a house.

How its been changed and the quality of the work.

Generally the property we are looking at in London are old and the roof has been changed two or three times over the property life.

Perhaps a loft conversion has been done or the roof was adapted to be a roof terrace.

There could have been bomb damage from the war.

When considering perching a property one of the firsts to do is have a survey done to the property. this is normally done using a RICS (Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors)

As Specialists roof surveyors we tend to have more knowledge about the roof and will go into more depth with the roof survey, often a generally house-buyers survey will suggest that a roof survey is undertaken.

If you would like more information about our roof surveys please don't hesitate to contact us.

Steven Dickinson

078023 00099

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