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Noisy roofs video on Youtube

We are at the start of summer and I'm getting lots of calls about noisy roofs and how to stop them.


Earlier this year I published a video about Noisy Flat Roofs on YouTube -

The comments on the video are really worth reading. You can see that many people have the problem of noisy banging flat roofs, and nobody has got to the bottom of the cause or solution yet. Since I published the video I have been out and done roof surveys on several other noisy flat roofs in London, and still we haven't totally got to the bottom of the problem. The main thing these roofs have in common is thermal expansion of the top decking and GRP. I’m seeing more and more roofs fitted with GRP trims that are 3m long. When in direct sunlight they expand, and if they are set in a solid GRP (Glass reinforced roof) they have nowhere to go, so the structure tends to bend and bang and pop. If you look at this roof, the trims around the parapet wall are extremely long and no expansion joints have been installed to allow for expansion. (I will attach the photos called Noises coming from my GRP roof).

Over the next weeks we will be removing the GRP flashings and installing metal and rubber trims, so please keep an eye on the blog to find out how this goes.


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