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Warm roof showing Tucking in your roof
Tucking in a roof  missing insulation
The definition of Tucking in your roof.

in your roof refers to warm roof construction and involves ensuring that insulation extends not only to the edge of your roof but also at the edges, extending down and connecting to the next thermal part of the building. Insulating between the rafters at the fascia junction is often overlooked by roofers.

With the rising cost of energy, the focus on insulating our roofs to the highest standards is essential. However, it's crucial to understand that simply adding insulation isn't enough.
To truly optimise thermal performance, we must address thermal bridging, and meticulous attention to detail becomes paramount.

Unfortunately, the necessary information about proper installation isn't always communicated effectively to roofers and builders. As a result, many new materials are not installed correctly, leaving gaps through which air can flow and seizable areas with no insulation whatsoever. These gaps create cold spots within the roof, making them susceptible to interstitial condensation.
Interstitial condensation occurs when the back of a cold surface becomes a potential site for condensation if the surrounding areas are warmer.
To mitigate this issue, ensuring that all areas are adequately insulated is crucial. When the entire roof is well-insulated, there are fewer places for moisture-laden air to condense, reducing the risk of problems.

The term "tucking in your roof" was coined to simplify the explanation for roofers. It's much like telling someone that even the best quilt money can buy won't keep them warm if they don't tuck it in around the edges. Similarly, no matter how good the insulation is, if there are drafts from the edges, it won't be effective. Therefore, attention to detail is paramount in achieving a well-insulated and draft-free roo

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