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House Buyers Roof Surveys: What House Buyers Need to Know

Are you a house buyer in London wondering, "What do I get from a roof survey" We've got you covered.

At London Roof Surveys, we specialise in providing comprehensive roof surveys for potential homeowners.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by thoroughly assessing the condition of the roof you're considering.

What Happens During a Roof Survey?

We always aim to access the roof directly using a ladder if it's safe and permitted. However, if access is restricted, we may use drones or long inspection poles for a detailed view. 

There's nothing quite like being on the roof itself, but these tools are excellent alternatives.

Your Detailed Roof Survey Report

After the inspection, we compile a report tailored to your property. It includes photos and easy-to-understand information about the roof's condition, potential lifespan, and any necessary repairs. 

We even provide estimated costs, taking into account building regulations, safety measures, and reputable roofing companies.

Understanding Your Roof Survey

We understand that roof reports can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if they list numerous defects. That's why we take the time to explain everything in detail. We want you to fully grasp the findings and make informed decisions about the property.

Additional Considerations for House Buyers

A roof survey can be a valuable tool in negotiations with the seller. However, it's essential to consider whether the asking price already reflects any existing roof issues. 

We're here to help you understand the urgency of repairs and guide you through your options.

Why Choose London Roof Surveys

Don't Risk It – Get a Roof Survey

A house buyer's roof survey is an investment in your peace of mind. Don't leave the condition of your future roof to chance.

Contact us today to schedule your London Roof Survey!

Remember, our prices start from £420.00 plus VAT and include the use of drones if necessary.

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