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Fire on roof hot weather BBQ

If you have tenants and they want a BBQ on the hottest day of the year, let's hope that doesn't get out through a skylight onto the roof and start parting!

I did a roof inspection for this landlord two days after England's hottest day of the year. On that day, the tenants got access to the roof and decided to have a BBQ. Luckily the fire brigade attended quickly and cut out a large section of the roof that had cour fire. Now it's down to the landlord to go through his insurance and make a claim for the damage. My roof report will highlight the condition of the roof before the fire and the specification and costs to put things right.

roof covered with tarpaulin after fire
Roof inspection after fire on roof

Luckily for the customer, he was able to get someone to cover the roof up after my roof inspection so that if it rained, no further damage would occur.


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