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Clapham Common Roof Survey

Every year I do a roof survey and a roof condition report on this roof

in Clapham Common South Side, London SW4. It's not only good practice to inspect the roof yearly.

Its also part of the conditions for the management company and the insurance company

One year before the roof was painted with solar reflective paint and repairs were undertaken.

Photo two was taken 12 months later on my next annual ro

of inspection. As you can see a crack has opened up at the flashings and a posable leak could have happened. This is why regular inspections of roofs must be undertaken. We tend to forget that properties, like ev

erything else's need to be looked after and inspected regularly. The insurance companies are now starting to insist that if you have a flat roof you get a roof inspection and a roof condition report yearly, some household insurance companies only want the inspection do by annually however as you can see in the case of this roof inspection in Clapham if the inspection was undertaken every two years there could have been internal damage from the leaking roof.

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