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Brixton roof Survey house purchase

On this roof survey, I found that there was a lot of standing water, showing that the falls to the roof are not good.

The purchaser of the property asked me to do a roof survey

Roof Survey Brixton  Roof holding water

so they could get an idea as to the cost of replacing the roof. Today the cost of replacing a roof should also cover the cost of insinuating it to the new building regulations Part L. this nearly doubles the cost of the new roof. As a roofing surveyor, I'm often seeing roofs that are replaced but are not up to the correct thermal standards and will need to be replaced before the end of the lifespan of the roof because of this.

This roof was on a property in Brixton SW9 8HL the area typically has old property with rear extension roofs like this one.

Unfortunately, the age of the property in this area douses means that we get a lot of problems with roofs in Brixton especially, its quite a transient area. We are not only carrying out house perches surveys but also surveys on roofs that have been installed incorrectly the amount of cowboy roofers in South London seems to be rising.

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