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Roof consultancy fees and how they work

Over a period of a month I normally go out and do 30 to 40 roof inspections, these are followed by reports. Most customers end up will all the information needed especially if the roof inspection is for household insurance renewal, however, some customers need extra help to understand the problems with their roof generally because the roof has been installed incorrectly

and they don't know how to rectify the problems without totally replacing the roof at a vast cost. An initial site inspection and the report highlight that there is a problem, now it is all a matter of trying to work out the best way forwards and what options they may have. So this is where I come into the equation; regardless if I have carried out a roof inspection in the past or not, provided I'm send over information like photos and possibly drawings of the roof I can start to help the customer focus on the problem and the potential ways to rectify them together with advising on the costs of each option. This can be relatively easy and not to complete to something they may take several hours, but in general 2 or 3 hours is what it takes and we can normally get to a point where the customer has the information to make a diction on the next steps to take.

If you would like more information as regarded the costs of this service just drop me an email with as much information as you can and I will get back to you.

Steve Dickinson Roof surveyor and roof consultant


33 Jackson Road, London N7 6ES, England CALL 07802 300 099 #LONDONROOFSURVEYS #londonroofsurveyor #steveroofer

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